Pod Pass

Från AUD 750,00 AU$
  • Varaktighet: 365 Dagar (cirka)
  • Plats: Fremantle, Western Australia
This unique gift is specifically designed for our Cetacean Enthusiast Whale Watch Western Australia now rewards our customers with a massive discount for those who wish to discover more than one Whale species throughout the year. You now have the opportunity to visit our 

  • Orca's in Bremer Bay (January-March) our 
  • Blue Whales in Perth (March-May) our 
  • Humpbacks in Augusta (June-August) or Perth (Sept-Dec) or our 
  • Majestic Southern Right Whales in Augusta (July-August) in Augusta.

Western Australia is one of the very few places on earth you can Whale Watch all year and as such, this unique offering isn't available anywhere else in the world. After many years of hard work we now have the privilege to offer to the public this opportunity to witness 4 species of WA Whales all in a one year period. These sightings are guaranteed and you will also have the chance of discovering other species like the Pilot Whales & Sperm Whales in the Bremer Canyon (not guaranteed) along with a multitude of migrating seabirds including Albatross, Shearwater, Gannet,Petrel's and many others.

Do not miss out on this opportunity to check your bucket list or someone else's close to you.

T&C's apply.